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What You Need To Know About Caring For A Samsung Dishwasher: XROM Explains

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There are few things more satisfying than owning a really great dishwasher. You no longer need to worry about scrubbing dirty dishes and your plates and glasses always come out sparkling. But what happens when your Samsung dishwasher starts to show signs of griminess inside? Is it really necessary to reach for the cleaning and descaling pods, and more importantly, could a dirty dishwasher become a health hazard? Today, we’re going to tackle these questions head-on.

We trust our dishwashers to do the cleaning for us, and because of this, many people don’t think about the fact that these machines sometimes need a good clean themselves. However, XROM’s veteran home appliance experts want you to know that dishwasher maintenance tablets are a must—not just to get rid of hard water stains or limescale build up, but to protect your family from the harmful accumulation of nasty opportunistic pathogens that may become a threat to everyone’s well-being. Worried? There’s no need to be. Simply read on to discover how to keep your dishwasher both spotless and safe!

Why Cleaning Your Samsung Dishwasher is a Safety Essential

Sure, your crockery and glassware always emerges looking bright and beautiful, but that doesn’t mean your dishwasher isn’t teeming with unwelcome invaders. In fact, research reveals that dishwashers are often breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria and fungi—several of which are classed as opportunistic pathogens, which means that they hold the potential to make people seriously sick.

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When scientists took samples from dishwashers and tested them for pathogens, bacterial genera such as Pseudomonas, Escherichia, and Acinetobacter were found. So too were fungal genera like Candida, Cryptococcus, and Rhodotorula.

No doubt, these aren’t the microbial visitors that you’d like to have keeping your cutlery company. Of course, in parallel, many dishwasher owners worry about exposing their families to toxic chemical cleaning products. Often, this makes them hesitate from picking up some cleaning and descaling pods. The good news is that there are eco-friendly and plant-based dishwasher maintenance tablets available that will stop these pathogens in their tracks. We’ll come back to those in a moment, but first, a little more about what goes on inside your dishwasher.

Why Hand-Cleaning Your Machine Isn’t Good Enough

If you’re wondering as you read this if you can just give your dishwasher’s inside a good scrub from time to time, unfortunately it simply won’t do the trick. You see, those pesky health-threatening microbes like to move into hard-to-reach places like pipes and crevices where even the most dedicated hygiene enthusiast won’t be able to reach manually. This is why trusted XROM dishwasher maintenance tablets are the only safe choice for ridding your appliance of microbes that can breed and accumulate over time. Not only that, but the right product will do so much more:

  • Kill all lurking mold, fungi, and bacteria
  • Eliminate hard water stains
  • Remove hidden and hard to reach grease and grime
  • Break down limescale buildup
  • Deodorize and restore that like-new dishwasher freshness

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A Family Friendly Solution For Spotless and Safe Dishwashers

If banishing all of those nasty pathogens doesn’t require bringing toxic chemicals into your home, what is the solution? Well, ensuring that appliance owners can maintain their machines with total peace of mind is the primary mission here at XROM, and dishwasher cleaning tablets are no exception. In fact, thanks to their innovative citric acid formulation, XROM’s cleaning and descaling dishwasher tablets are so safe that you can even use them at the same time as washing your dishes.

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There’s no reason why you can’t maintain a clean and hygienic dishwasher while also ensuring the safety of your family and the natural environment. XROM’s biodegradable dishwasher cleaning tablets contain only a small number of eco-friendly and natural ingredients that are formulated to clean, freshen, deodorize, and optimize performance. This means that caring for your machine in this way will also extend its life, saving you money in the process. You only need use your XROM Diswasher Pro Cleaner tablets once a month to keep your Samsung dishwasher—and indeed any other brand—in tip-top condition. When it comes to keeping harmful pathogens out of your appliances, there’s is only one question to ask yourself: Why take the risk?