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XROM Puts North American Heart Into the Creation of Your Cleaning Products

Have you ever looked in your cleaning cupboard at home and wondered where each of your trusty go-to products came from? These days, many consumers choose to buy local when it comes to things like crafted goods and groceries. Sourcing as much as you can from businesses based in your neighborhood is a fantastic way to contribute to the local community and minimize your environmental footprint. However, when it comes to finding eco-friendly appliance cleaning tablets, most of us have to look a little further afield!

While the convenience of modern online shopping might make it tempting to click on the first dishwasher tablet or coffee machine cleaner that catches your eye, there is wisdom in pausing a beat. To ensure you’re buying safe cleaning products, first, check that whatever lands in your digital shopping basket comes from a Canadian or American company.

There is a multitude of reasons why North American manufacturers like XROM should become part of your low-impact cleaning product checklist—some of which might surprise you! Read on as we break down why a company based in the USA or Canada is the smarter choice when both your trust and your hard-earned dollars are about to be exchanged.

A Smaller Emissions Footprint

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These days, the world quietly witnesses a constant flow of traveling products, traversing the globe by truck, train, boat, or plane, to reach their international buyers. While this evolution has expanded the range of products that are available, it also drives up emissions substantially, contributing to the increasing impacts of climate change.

A fantastic way to reduce this aspect of the footprint of your household products is to stick with manufacturers based in North America who will send them on a far shorter journey to your door.

Dependable Environmental Regulations

Of course, the facets of your cleaning products that make them eco-conscious extend far beyond the distances that they travel. Factors include the greenness of manufacturing processes and how nature and family-safe the resulting products truly are.

Happily, in countries like Canada and America, the regulations that companies much adhere to are strict and designed to protect everyone’s well-being. Licensing laws also require that companies are more honest about what they put on labels. So you can feel confident that Canadian and American-made goods offer everything that they say they do. 

Better Labor Practices

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Another aspect of safe cleaning products that are worthy of your trust is the way employees tasked with creating them are cared for. When choosing a washing machine descaler produced in a far-away country, you can’t be sure that the people who toiled to make it for you were paid a fair wage and able to enjoy safe working conditions.

But with licensed manufacturers from North America, you can find peace of mind knowing that workers’ rights are protected. Crucially, your purchases will support the growth of positive business practices.

A Local Presence for Better Customer Care

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Those of us who have put down roots and grown a brand in North America are proud to be there for our customers in every way possible. For example, we are fully insured and have a physical presence, unlike sellers located on the other side of the world. This means that your rights as a consumer are also safeguarded, and a friendly customer service team is always only a phone call away.

Being able to offer you this confidence means the world to us here at XROM. Our passion is creating safe, low-impact, and reliable products that our customers can trust with the guardianship not only of their favorite home appliances but also of their family’s well-being. We manufacture non-toxic cleaning products that are kind to the environment and, most importantly, your loved ones too. And because each and every item in our range is made with North American heart, you can be certain that its creation is closely controlled and its contents exactly what you’ll read about on the recyclable container! 

Are you ready to discover more about how XROM can help you safely elevate the cleanliness of your home and the functionality of your most relied-upon appliances? Then explore our household cleaning selection today. And remember, you can always reach out to the XROM team if you have any questions about our brand or how to get the very best results from our products.